Artist’s Statement

The subject matter I deal with in my practical work is that of addiction and trauma. I am aware of the fact that many people try to overlook or despise these issues and so I feel that through my art it is my responsibility to create an awareness that deals with these issues.  It is interesting to note that although there are many people who are reported to be addicts, there are also countless others who have not confronted their addiction because they are still in denial or simply unaware of their dependence on something. To actually find these addicts and help them, can thus prove difficult.

 Art has been a mechanism of helping me to confront and deal with my own addictions and by illustrating my personal story through my art I intend to help other addicts or those people dealing with traumas.

My work is a space where I am able to investigate into my personal use of art as therapy. By doing this I am able to overcome my ‘addictions’ rather than fall victim to these addictions. I have a created a series of work using the concept of the ugly duckling as a metaphor for my pain, trauma and eventually becoming the swan which for me is my recovery. When viewing and understanding my work it is important to include background and theories of trace.

I have used the concept of trace memory by using sentimental objects these sentimental objects and yellow rubber ducks which I then altered in various ways using these sentimental objects. The sentimental objects I have used in my in my work are razor blades and other sharp objects (such as pins), burns and blood cells. These objects are traces of my past addiction to self harm.

Here, when the danger of his will is greatest, art approaches as a saving sorceress, expert at healing. She alone knows how to turn the nauseous thoughts about the horror or absurdity of existence into notions with which one can live (Nietzsche 1967: [sa])

The quote above by Nietzsche explains the importance of art as a power that can help solve problems of trauma, Nietzsche (in Jenkins 2009: 14) describes art as a means of communication in order to gain insight into the profundity of the human condition of suffering. As a result the patient who employs art as a therapeutic process is able to release their pain and have a different perception of life Art and creativity can therefore become a mechanism of escapism from the traumatic experiences and memories which remain in our unconscious.

Essentially my work deals with the concept of metaphorical meaning; opening a new chapter, the past, life, confrontation and personal reflection. I have created artworks which have not only been academic but therapeutic as well.




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Name: Alvernia Morgan


City: Lenasia Johannesburg