I am Sizwe Sibisi, born in 1986/04/11 in Pietermaritzburg KZN. From a young age my mother tells me I’ve always been a fan of pencil and paper. I remember her drawing a fish or a bird and I’d be in awe. So I’d copy her images  and  my passion of art began. Throughout my childhood I’d tell people “when I’m grown up I’m going to be an artist” however after  completing matric I didn’t have enough money to study fine art. I had an idea, I started frequenting the local library and schooled myself on the Old Masters. I was particularly fascinated by The Post-Impressionism movement. From Gauguin’s  tropical depictions to Cezanne’s cubic style and my biggest  inspiration to this day Van Gogh, his fiery-  gloomy brushstrokes had me in a trance. I started saving up and buying myself art supplies, teaching myself how to paint.  I’ve only exhibited once at a gallery called Butterflies for Africa in Pietermaritzburg, but nothing came of it.

Being an artist anywhere is a challenge let alone in Pietermaritzburg, we had two or 3 galleries and I didn’t see a future for myself as an artist and so I got into a bus and headed for Johannesburg where I thought I might have a chance.



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Sizwe Sibisi


City: Johannesburg