Artist’s Bio

Ramarutha Makoba was born in Soweto in 1984 and brought up in Dieploof Zone 3 & 4. From an early age he loved watching cartoons and used to draw his favorites such as Ninja Turtles and Tom & Jerry. He used to show them to his grandmother who was the first person to encourage him to take his art seriously. While his father was a good artist he treated art as a hobby. Ramarutha would constantly irritate his teachers at school by drawing in class and often drew after school to avoid punishment.

When he was 13 he attended art classes at a local community centre when Chris Molefe had a profound influence on his work. He later attended workshops at the Johannesburg Art Gallery as well as competing two years course as FUBA (Federated Union of Black Artists). He joined the Artist Proof Studio in 2004 and received certificates of excellence in his first and second years and was selected to further his printmaking, he completed the 3rd year professional programme in 2007.



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Name: Ramarutha Makoba


City: Johannesburg


’Çhange the world’