I am Dimakatso Augustine Mathopa (b.1995 in Mpumalanga). A Visual Art Student, currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts, at the University of Johannesburg. I began practicing art while I was in high school, drawing inspiration from everyday cartoon characters, commonly seen on national television. I believe that my passion for art began with the atmosphere of being surrounded by my two brothers which were far interested in art than I was when I was still in primary school. The impact of dwelling in such an environment, created within me, a desire of exploring art.  

The idea of individualism within the context of African Society is the catalyst of art I create. How does one's opinion of who they really are, affect or construct a character within a broad context of African culture, tradition, racial issues, gender issues and stereotypes? I believe Africa is rich in culture, tradition, language, beliefs, and the list goes on. This is actually what makes us African and individual to the rest of the world. I believe that we aren’t black, I desire the concept of African, highly than the concept of black. Black diminishes the information of an African, but rather implants information of a black person, that was made in Africa. Black creates stereotypes and circumstances of who an individual from the continent Africa is. Black portrays a sense of vulnerability and inferiority within every other person who is a black person. My focus is around what actually is an African person without the history of colonization and white dominion over their continent. Moreover, my work apart from its concept is a process. A process where information is absorbed and unconsciously reflected. I being the African involved in the creation of the works, is fascinated by the evolving of the African context. And with a hope to understand me as an African, to educate fellow Africans through the idea of an African, rather than the construction of a black person.  



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Name:  Dimakatso Mathopa


City: Johannesburg